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Dan Dot
LOL. If we tracked everything the way we do this, there would be no businesses or economy.
People would not go outside.
Yes, there is a virus.
Yes, most of everyone is going to get it.
Yes, you will survive.

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And we STILL have a national survival rate of 96% (counting confirmed and suspected cases only). Imagine how high it would be if idiot "governors" hadn't decided that nursing homes and long-term care facilities would be a "good place" to put COVID-19 patients. EVERY ONE of those "governors" should be under arrest, or at least removed from office for dereliction of duty. Of the 134,000 deaths from COVID-19, in this country, more than 90,000 are in the age group of 65 to 85 and a HUGE portion of those deaths were a DIRECT result of "governors" infecting, otherwise healthy elderly patients, by putting COVID-19 patients in those facilities. Let that sink in..........

So what! I'm tired of hearing about the cases! Fox News why aren't you reporting how the death rates are declining?? This whole thing is way beyond tiring and the American people have had enough!!

Every time the same individual repeats a test and gets a repeated positive result, it counts as a “new” case. So the totals are not total number of “people” but instead total number of “positives”. Celebrities Deaths was eye opening to me.

BUT the number of deaths are down and that is what is important! AND there has been successful treatments that are getting the sick people back to better FASTER! Let's focus on THAT instead of the CONSTANT FEAR MONGERING!!!!!!!!!

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